What’s not to bike?

Ode to bicycles and the way they are making a difference in the world!

The Africa Yoga Project

In Kenya, yoga is transforming lives, contributing positively to communities and creating jobs.

Beautiful Pollution?

Human pollution turns into beautiful but ghostly aerials.

Nasal spray may safe snakebite victims

A team of researchers has developed a new, cheap and easy-to-use treatment for venomous snakebites: an antiparalytic nasal spray. The first results look promising.

China in Africa

China in Africa: a mystery to most of us. We may think that China only supports African countries that are either corrupt or rich in natural resources or both. Even more myths exist about China’s presence is Africa. Read this article and learn the other side of the story.

Traditional sports

Forget about soccer for a moment and explore some of the world's traditional sports.

Siberia’s Hospital on Rails

“Hospital Trains” offer health care to remote communities that would otherwise be cut off from the rest of the world.

Dirty Laundry

Bangladesh is the world largest exporter of clothing in the world, after China. The trade in clothing counts for almost 80 percent of the total export, mainly to Europe and the US. Bangladesh' clothing industry offers a good value for money and can deliver very quickly.


Learn more about kings who stand out for particular reasons.

Beauty in all its colours

A portrait that shows beauty in all its colours. From photographer Eric Lafforgue.

Inspiring songs for your week

Music is universal. It has the power to lift people up, to motivate and inspire.

Prisoners embrace yoga

Life in prison isn’t easy. Lately, more and more prisoners are discovering the benefits of yoga and meditation to overcome the stress and strain of life behind bars.


The Economist nominated a country of the year 2013, and that country is... Uruguay!

Homeless university

Homeless people in Berlin are going back to school

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