Inspiring songs for your week

Music is universal. It has the power to lift people up, to motivate and inspire.

Prisoners embrace yoga

Life in prison isn’t easy. Lately, more and more prisoners are discovering the benefits of yoga and meditation to overcome the stress and strain of life behind bars.


The Economist nominated a country of the year 2013, and that country is... Uruguay!

Homeless university

Homeless people in Berlin are going back to school

Prejudice: When we think we know it all

Prejudices: everybody has them, but no one wants to be a target of it. Discover six prejudice-reducing actions that can easily be practised in everyday life.

Trends and tricks in fundraising

Heartbreaking images of children with kwashiorkor or surrounded by flies. Aid organisations become more aware that these images are a negative stereotype and ‘not done’.

The right to health?

According to international conventions, refugees have the same rights to health care as the citizens of a country. However, the right to health care for refugees is violated in many countries.

Dutch food, best in the world

Which are the best and the worst countries in the world, regarding food safety, availability and costs?

More TV, less children

Watching TV is changing fertility rates around the world.

Bullying prevention across the globe

Bullying among school children is an incredibly complex problem and finding effective prevention methods often proves to be a challenge. Some examples of successful anti-bullying initiatives around the world.

Science for kids

Why do we sleep? How do we see colors? Two very simple questions a kid could ask. But how to answer these questions in a simple way?

13 going on 14

"In the end, we only regret the chances we didn't take".

Wello WaterWheel eases burden on women and girls

Entrepreneur Cynthia Koenig and her team developed The Wello WaterWheel; a method of water collection that enables people to roll water from point A to B, instead of carrying it on the head.

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